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Below is a list of costumes for each RYDA group for Spotlight 2021

Please could all students wear costumes to classes week beginning 14th June so we can have a dress rehearsal ahead of the show week.

If you have any problems getting hold of any of the following items please do let me know.

Year 1/2 

Pirate Outfits – Any combo of clothing, feel free to accessorise and be as creative as you want!

Year 3/4 

White T-shirts, blue denim bottoms, red cap to be purchased from my for £2.50 – please by cash in class

Year 5/6

Black RYDA T-shirt, grey jogging bottoms, grey beanie hats to be purchased from me for £3 – please bring the to class in cash.

PLEAE NOTE – If you need a new RYDA t-shirt please order these by the end of the week so they can be turned around in time!

Primary Contemporary 

Any combination of yellow and white clothing, shorts, trousers, dresses, skirts, tshirts, vest tops etc.  Please make sure you wear white shorts if you will be wearing a dress of a skirt.

Musical Theatre Class 

60’s inspired costumes of your own.  There is a board on pinterest for some inspiration – I don’t know how the chocolate banana bites got on there but I can’t get rid of them!

Feel free to add glitter and sparkle, you always look fab at class!

Year 7/8 Street Dance

Coloured cycling shorts or other bottoms (each students has a different colour, please email if they can’t remember!) and a white oversized tshirt.  White sports socks and white trainers.  Hair half up half down with scrunchy same colour as shorts.

Year 9 Street Dance 

White oversized tshirt, any red bottoms – joggers, shorts etc, white sports socks and trainers.  Hair high pony tail.

Year 7-9 Contemporary 

Any combination of white clothing, if a dress make sure you wear white shorts. List written on hand in black pen.

All Stars 

All white – preferably white sweatshirt or hoody and white joggers with bandana

Advanced Street Dance 

Any combo of clothes ALL BLUE

Advanced Contemporary 

Yellow dress with white shorts/boxers and footless skin coloured tights

Adults Street Dance 

Any coloured camouflaged trousers, black top, black boots

Dad’s That Dance  

Check with Hayleigh

Step 2 It

Any combination of black white and red clothes inspired by the circus!

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5:30-6:30pm - Advanced Street Dance
6:45-7:45pm - Advanced Contemporary
8:00-9:00pm - Adults Street Dance
4:30-5:30pm - Beginners Street Dance
5:45-6:45pm - Beginners Musical Theatre
7:00-8:00pm - RYDA Stars Extra Session
4:30-5:30pm - Intermediate Street Dance
5:45-6:45pm - Intermediate Contemporary