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Below is a list of costumes for each RYDA group at Spotlight 2024!

Dress rehearsals will take place in all sessions during week beginning 18th March, so please make sure your costume is ready before then. If you have any problems getting hold of any of the following items please do let me know.

If there is a charge for your costume please transfer this to the RYDA account – RYDA / 40-35-21 / 51437453, with your dancers name as the reference.

Group Theme Costume Fee
Mini Monday (YR, 1, 2) Trolls Own –
Any combination of bright coloured clothing!
wigs to purchase from RYDA
Year 1/2 Monster High Blue and black wolf accessories to buy from RYDA
To be worn with own –
White Shirt (Please bring to rehearsal so we can attach logo)
Grey shorts or skirt with black shorts
White socks
Black shoes
Year 3 Space Jam Own –
Basketball vest
White t-shirt underneath
Light grey joggers
Beanie hat or cap (optional)
Year 4 Dancehall Own –
Plain White T-shirt
Bright coloured shorts
Aviator sunglasses to borrow from RYDA
Primary Contemporary Lyrical Purple Lyrical dresses to purchase from RYDA £10
Year 5 Punks and Rebels Own –
Any combo of black, white, grey, red,
yellow and blue denim clothing.
Layers are good, also checkered shirts,
black and white stripes or checks.
Hats, bandanas and other accessories welcome!
Year 6 Beyonce Own –
Any combo of Pink clothing head to toe, can be any shade
Pink bandana to be purchased from RYDA
Musical Theatre Copacabana Own red dresses?
Black tights and shoes
Red head dress to purchase from me
Boys – Red shirt, black trousers
Red sequined jumpsuit to purchase from RYDA
Red sequined waistcoat to purchase from RYDA


RYDA Stars Dancehall Own –
Any combination of animal print (must be browns/beige/yellow), brown & black clothing
Cycling shorts, t-shirts, leggings, joggers, cropped tops all welcome
Year 7/8 TBC
Year 7+ Contemporary TBC
Year 9/10 TBC
Advanced Street 16+ PCD Own –
Any combination of clothing in your own style
Mostly red with some black
Dad’s Gold Harem pants with black vest
Choir robes TBC
Adults Street J-Lo Own –
Any combo of clothing – Silver and Black
Adults Contemporary As Own –
Any combo of clothing – blues and greens
Step 2 It Don’t Feel Like Dancing TBC
UCC Street Dance Own –
Black bottom and white t-shirt
White labcoats to be borrowed from UCC
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5:30-6:30pm - Advanced Street Dance
6:45-7:45pm - Advanced Contemporary
8:00-9:00pm - Adults Street Dance
4:30-5:30pm - Beginners Street Dance
5:45-6:45pm - Beginners Musical Theatre
7:00-8:00pm - RYDA Stars Extra Session
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5:45-6:45pm - Intermediate Contemporary